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In this world of injustice and pain, we can't help but wonder, "Where is God in all this? Who is He really? And who am I?" Have those thoughts run through your mind as well? I too have wondered many times when mocked, laughed at, falsely accused, rejected and met with disappointment. My faith was tested on numerous occasions. Overcome your identity issues and renew your and God's image through the content posted on my blog. It will liberate you and set you free. Free from shame, condemnation and worry. It will restore your peace and joy. 

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About me

My name is Petra Hadžidaova,

I am a devoted follower of Yeshua Messiah, writer and blogger. A lover of music and art in general. My encounter with the Lord occured at my workplace. Ever since I have been on a rollercoaster journey called faith. Learning, growing, occasionally falling - yet always getting up. 

A native to Slovenia - a small country in middle Europe known for its love of good food and sports. And from time to time that sports girl awakens in me.

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