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Updated: Jul 8

Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus, …

Romans 8: 1 (NIV)




All that we have endured, all that we have done, all we have been forgiven for, all of it has shaped us into who we are today and will continue to shape us into who we will be at the end of this age. All works for the better of those who love God. After all we are forgiven and accepted.


As an atheist, one not particularly driven, I have wondered through my childhood, teenage years, and early adulthood aimlessly searching for who I am? I have never known my purpose, and have been seeking out my Father regarding it since I have become a believer.

I was on a path many still walk nowadays, completely oblivious to all related with God that is until my apprenticeship began. At my first real taste of work, I encountered forces that led me astray. As mentioned I was not a believer in the spiritual, but it was there and then when I for the first time truly wondered and believed there was more out there. 

Unguarded as I was I got drafted into new age and the occult. I wished for answers to personal questions and sought them in the wrong place - tarot readings, astrology and so forth. Soon fatigue, frustration, and anger issues began to rise up. It was also hard to focus.

Is it not marvelous though how quickly God can intervene when one of His own is in question? What satan meant for evil, God used for good. When I cried out one late evening, He answered through dreams. Upon waking up after a long time I felt at peace. God used the situation to bring me towards Him. Perhaps it was time, I was introduced to my true calling and identity. An appointed time for an intevention?

It most certainly was a supernatural occurance. James Goll teaches about godly encounters in His book God Encounters Today. He touches on this subject very extensively, from their definition to the type of encounters we can experience.

God encounters today book


He also addresses how it can increase the awareness of God’s presence in our lives. All can be candidates for a godly encounter, it is up to our Heavenly Father to decide who gets to experience one.


I sinned, and once I realized what I got myself into, I felt immense guilt and shame fall upon me. It stayed with me for a couple of years until I finally realized who I was in Christ - forgiven and accepted. Though it took time all that I have endured has been shaping me into who I am today. 

“Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus,...” says Romans 8: 1 (NIV). Once we have received Yeshua as our Lord and Savior and been washed by the blood of Messiah, we are forgiven and drafted into His beautiful presence. 


I admit on the latter, my faith has been tested this week. While rereading Gospel over Gods (Amazon affiliate link) by Tyler Gilreath, the necessity of water baptism was once more brought to my attention. I have been a believer of it not being a necessary requirement. While I still believe a believer is and can be saved and filled with the Holy Spirit by faith alone, I do wish to fully obey my Abba at the end of the day. If it truly is a command, then I wish to listen to Him.

Until I fully settle this in my heart, I will post content more on the lighter side.


No matter our backgrounds, all we have endured up until now has shaped us into who we are today and will be in the future. We are candidates for godly encounters which can transfom us forever. There is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ. And it is by faith that we are saved. Yet water baptism might be a command, one needs to obey.


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