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Updated: Mar 21

Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.

Psalm 119:105 (KJV)



In life, we are bound to come across some crossroads, where the path will split itself into separate ways. “Which one do I take?” we may wonder. They may all appeal to us. Or perhaps one seems more to our liking than the other. Some may lead to life, while others may lead to death and destruction without us noticing it at first. It is so vital to lean on God and the Word in such moments. He is our lamp that lights our path before us. He knows which path we need to take. And will provide instructions backed up with conformations to shed light on the steps we need to take next. 


There are different seasons in life. There is the season of sowing, the season of reaping, the season of crying, and the season of laughing among many others (Ecclesiastes 3:1-11). And then there are bound to be transitions from one to the other, where a certain chapter is coming to an end and Yahweh is just about to turn the page in our lives. “But what path am I supposed to take?” we may wonder, especially if we come across a crossroads. There, we are met with multiple options. Which one is the right one to take? Where do they lead? To life or death?

I came across such a crossroad not so long ago. I heard Yahweh say I will be going to a certain country next year. I even heard what budget I was to put in place. Then soon after something else came up, which was to take place at the same time and it seemed more doable. It was something so appealing that it made me question my previous instructions. And it brought some anxiety, I admit. But I did turn it to Him and through trusted individuals received conformations that I heard correctly the first time around. If I had not done that without even realizing it, I would have possibly made the wrong decision, entered into disobedience, and brought upon myself unnecessary strife. 

When presented with more than one option we do not have to come up with the answer on our own. This is why we have Yahweh by us and are encouraged to reach out to our community for their insight and prayers. He is faithful to answer our prayers for clarity, and that of others. 

Our Father is our lamp. He sheds light upon the path we are meant to take. He gives one confirmation here, and the next instruction there. He is faithful to lead the way. We only need to be patient and take it one step at a time. Faithfully follow through with the instruction already given, and surely He will enlighten the path ahead even more with the next set of instructions. Soon, we will see the whole picture. Like a puzzle, it will be assembled in front of us.

Not only does our Father reveal the next steps we are to take, but He also faithfully warns us from taking certain roads that lead to danger, death, destruction, or failure. In both cases leaning on His Word for direction is the answer, but especially in the latter. Looking into the Word and asking Yahweh if it aligns with the Word is the correct course of action. Is it righteous? Is it lawful? Is it full of love? Is it kind? If one path is full of the need to compromise concerning the Living Word, then it is not of Him. On the other hand, even if it aligns with the Word of Yahweh, but is not coming from love, it is not of Him either. Being immersed in the Word daily helps us recognize the ultimate end each separate path may lead us to.  


In conclusion, there are different seasons in our lives. And when one season is about to end it may not always be clear into which season we are meant to enter next. We may come across a crossroads and be presented with multiple choice. But which one is the correct one? Not only do we wish to be aligned with Yahweh fully, but some of the options may even lead to destruction and death. Leaning upon the Word of Yahweh and Yahweh Himself is the answer. He is our lamp that lights the path we are to walk upon. He will give us direction, instructions, and clarity. Be patient in the season of waiting for the answers. Faithfully follow through with the instructions given, and if necessary reach out to others in your community. But most importantly do not forget to ask yourself, “Is this according to the Law?", "Is it loving, kind?", "Is it righteous?” Yeshua is faithful to answer that too. He is for Yeshua is



Dear Heavenly Father, be a lamp unto my path. Lead the way into the fullness of the life you have given me. Bring me to my fullest potential, and guide my steps away from crooked paths that lead to destruction and death. 



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