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Updated: Mar 20

“Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth."

Matthew 5: 5 (ESV)

A gentle giant


Busy this world is. Everyone is running around relying on their last fumes trying to get that last errand done. Schedules are booked to the max without regard for maintaining proper relationships or health. And also running late on many occasions has become common. It is the opposite of what Yeshua said to do. The meek shall inherit the earth. Meekness is the quality of knowing one's full capacity and yet not using it to the maximum. Yahweh does not want us to run on every single one of our last fumes. He wants us to rest too. To find moments where we quiet ourselves and stop. Running nonstop to the max will lead to exhaustion and can lead to the destruction of relationships and health.


For the longest as many others, I too believed meekness just meant being humble. Yet it has been brought to my attention that it is not so. They are not describing the same thing. Humbleness describes who you are - it is an attitude. Meekness on the other hand describes what you are doing, and how you are managing your resources. It is about action. (1)

Meekness is a quality of the strong. It means only exercising a bit of your power, strength, and time. It means knowing your capacity and yet not using it to the full. Allowing yourself margins instead and taking moments of rest in between tasks.

Easy is the yoke of the Lord ( Matthew 11: 28). Busyness and striving are not of the Lord. When we are striving we are under the heavy yoke of the devil. Trying to get to the next assignment as quickly as possible. Even running late, to accomplish what is necessary. But you know running late means we are borrowing time from the next assignment. And that means we have entered into debt. Debt indicates we are in slavery to the thing we have fallen into debt with. Debt can be of an emotional, physical, mental, or relational state. And it always leads to death. Death to that relationship, to your finances, or similar.

It is very hard to bring that situation around later. But nothing is impossible with Yahweh. He can restore even the most unlikely situations. So let us be wiser and build margins. Let us pick up the yoke of the Lord. Let us not worry or strive through our works. Instead let us rely on His strength, His grace.



For your next day, create margins between your assignments. I suggest 15 minutes.


  1. Craig Hill. Daily Spirit & Truth with Craig Hill. Wednesday 7, 2023. Transcript. Available at:

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