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Updated: May 21

Jesus gave them this answer: “Very truly I tell you, the Son can do nothing by himself; he can do only what he sees his Father doing, because whatever the Father does the Son also does.

John 5: 19 (NIV)

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When I look around the world, at times all I see is people in need. The more I grow closer to Yahweh, the more I see those who need assistance. And it is in that moment I try to meet their needs that I realize how incapable I am of doing so on my own. For even if I try to meet one need, there will always come another around the corner. And that is how I have learned I can not do this alone, nor am I called to meet the needs of everyone. Yeshua already did.


While growing with the Lord, I have been trying to be an immense blessing to people around me. So many of them are in need. Predominantly monetarily. But the more times I gave, the more I became aware of others who also needed assistance. And in the past, it has driven me into overdoing and overstraining.

Have you experienced this? Have you given and then realized others were knocking on the door of your heart too? Were you able to give to them too? If not, how did it make you feel?

I had felt condemnation many times. Like by not meeting their needs at this present moment I was being a bad follower of Yeshua. Have you also felt similar? Have you felt like a failure too?

There was also the need to rest that arose every once in a while. And the need to be on the receiving end for a change. It had filled me with guilt and shame in the past. And you? Have thoughts of being unworthy of resting filled you too? Especially since there are so many in desperate need of help.

You know, Yahweh loves us equally whether we give or not. His opinion of us does not change whether we give that day or not. He rejoices when we give with a glad heart. He delights when we meet the needs of others. But He knows we need rest too, for our needs to be met as well. But most importantly, He knows we could never meet the needs of every person in the world. Nor are we expected to. We are only a part of the body of Christ. And at the end of the day, we could never do it on our own anyway.

Yeshua did only the works He saw the Father do. When He went to the pool of Siloam, He did not heal every person there. He healed only one man. That man had an appointment with Yahweh. And through the spreading of the word of His testimony, people were to believe in the Lord. Come to Him and be healed. That is the source of healing and provision. Our Father in Heaven.

When Yeshua went to the cross, He secured the victory for all humanity. It is now our time to receive it. To teach the world to go to the Lord and receive it. There are times we are called to lay hands on others, and then there are times we are called to rest. Leave the world pondering what you do. For it does not know Yahweh. It rejected Him when He came. Instead of worrying about meeting every need around us and being worried when we fail, let us meet the needs when we feel gladness and a great desire to do so. For if we try to meet the needs out of Yahweh’s alignment, it is dead works anyway. And those never bring life.



When overwhelmed with all the requests coming at you, stop and pray. Ask the Lord If He wishes you to be part of this.


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