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I have swept away your offenses like a cloud,

your sins like the morning mist.

Return to me,

for I have redeemed you.

Isaiah 44:22

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The Garden of Eden was lost. Evicted humans were because of their sin, left to toil over the land under the scorching heat of the sun. And only thistle and thorns it produced. Likewise went the story of the younger son in the parable of The Prodigal Son. He squandered his inheritance and ended up with no other option but to work as a slave and live with the pigs. His story though was not yet finished. His fate was not yet sealed. Returning home he was received back with open arms as the son of his father that he was. Restored all was back to him. As we will see, God did similarly with all humanity. 


In the Garden of Eden, all was available to Adam and Eve. Simple was their life, yet full of serenity and joy. And they walked in fellowship with God. They had a relationship with God as designed from the beginning of all. 

But then Satan with his cunningness deceived them to break the only restraint God put on their lives in the garden. Their rebellion cost them the garden. Evicted were they so they would not eat of the Tree of Life as well. They lost their paradise and got separated from God. Death was the price for their sin. And cursed Adam was; cursed to toil the land though it produced only thistle and thorns. 

In the same manner, the younger son in the story about the Prodigal son left his father’s house to seek his own will. The father permitted it, for he loved his son enough to allow him free will. Just as our Heavenly Father values ours. 

The prodigal son left for other nations. The inheritance he asked for he took with him. But that inheritance only lasted him for a season. His lavish style of living dwindled his resources quickly. Before he knew it he was left without anything and in need of a job. And so he was forced to work as a slave, live with the pigs, and hunger for lack of food. Just like Adam had to work the land hard and yet it produced very little. 

But then the realization came and hit him - he could return home and ask for forgiveness. Surely, even if received as but a mere servant of his father and not as his son he would still be better off than staying in his current situation. The younger son returned home and to his surprise, his father received him with open arms. Not merely as his servant, but as who he was - his son. Adorned he was once more, restored and redeemed. In celebration, the fatted calf was slain. A practice preformed only when a newly crowned king would visit the village, or city to decree the new laws of the kingdom. It was with great honor that he was received back and he earned it not. Great was the love of his father for him.

With an even greater love than the one mentioned above, we too have been saved and redeemed. Our Heavenly Father sent his only begotten Son to die for our sins. His Blood was spilled on the threshold of God’s dwelling place. Through that, we have been redeemed from the curse, and forgiven of our sins. Our debt has been paid off and instead of death, we have received eternal life. If we step over the threshold we shall enter into Yahweh’s kingdom and receive from His mercy and provision.

IN SHORT, lost we were, lost to the darkness. Bound by sin and death. Like the younger son in the parable of The Prodigal Son, we have squandered our inheritance with our rebellious and foolish decisions. Yet accepted and redeemed we were once more through the finished work of Yeshua on the cross. As with the prodigal son upon his return home, our Heavenly Father repurchased us with the precious Blood of Yeshua. Forgave us of our sins and gave us eternal life instead of death. So let us receive it with a grateful heart!

We are redeemed 



Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for THE BLOOD that was shed for the forgiveness of my sins. Though I was undeserving, you extended your mercy to me. Thank you for cleansing me and defeating death for me. Thank you for the eternal life you have given me. 

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