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“For your husband is your Maker, Whose name is the Lord of armies; And your Redeemer is the Holy One of Israel, Who is called the God of all the earth.”

Isaiah 54:5 (NASB)

Bride and groom exchanging rings


In almost every wedding ceremony we are fated to hear the famous words, “Until death do us part”. But is it really until death? Divorce, something unheard of some 30 years ago has become rampant in the past years. Though statistics speak oppositely, it is due to marriages going down in general. But the Lord never meant for divorce to exist. He said in Matthew 19: 6 (KJV), “Wherefore they are no more twain, but one flesh. What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder.” Based on the aforementioned choosing the right partner is crucial and vital. Both the wait and the aftermath of a failed marriage can be painful and at times lonesome. Yet there is one we can always turn to - Yahweh. Our maker and Husband.


Marriage used to be considered far more sacred than today. An important decision and life event. Once you were married it meant until death do us part. People took such a vow seriously and rightly so. They understood the magnitude of such a union. Divorce was not an option because of social norms and also it is not biblically sound. As can be read in Matthew 19: 6 (KJV), no one is meant to separate that which Yahweh has put together. For now, they have become one flesh. 

In general, there are two types of agreements, and unions we can enter into that I would like to talk about. One is a contract, and the other a covenant. In a contract, two sides agree to provide each other with their services under the condition the other party is fulfilling their part of the bargain. So a contract is only necessary to uphold until the other party is fulfilling their part of the bargain. (1)

A covenant on the other hand is for life. Men in the past, especially in the Middle East, were known to create blood covenants between each other. By doing so they became blood brothers and promised each other, “All that is mine is yours!” And they meant it. If one went to war, the other joined him, and vice versa. Breaking a blood covenant was considered a heinous act. The party that broke a blood covenant was usually killed by his very own family, it was truly considered disgraceful. (1)

Marriage is a blood covenant as well and it was meant to be treated as such since ancient times. A husband who took his wife into his home was to devote all his time to her wife. He was tasked with providing for her, all that was his was also hers. He was tasked with protecting her and nurturing her, serving her, and loving her. He was to be faithful to her and never break his promise. In like manner was the wife to remain faithful to him and serve him in her way. To respect him and support him. They were meant to serve and complement each other. 

Well, we all know how humans are far from perfection. Even in ancient times, they did not always manage to uphold such standards. And in today's society, it has become rarer and rarer by the day. Patience has become harder to find. People may be rash in choosing divorce, many choose to opt not to marry at all, and live as partners outside of the protective layer of a marriage. Then others have given up on love relationships altogether. Though biblically divorce should not be considered, I would like to add that remaining in abusive relationships does not glorify God either. It is safer to seek shelter elsewhere in such a case. To pray for restoration of marriage and change of heart to come to your spouse. And of course to not remarry. 

Have you been dealing with hardship in your marital life? Or perhaps you have been waiting for a spouse for a very long time?

Rest assured that there is one whom we can always turn to - Yahweh, our Maker. He similarly treats us as an earthly husband would. In all reality, it is Him who provides for us through our husbands in the first place. He provides for us and protects us, comforts us. Through the blood covenant we are now part of, all we need is now available to us. When we first seek the Kingdom of the Most High and the Most High Himself all else shall be added onto us, from provision, comfort, or restoration.


Marriage is a blood covenant only to be broken by death. Divorce has been running rampant lately, though it is not biblically sound. What Yahweh has put together, no man should separate. For now, they are one flesh. Yet some marriages may be struggling, and some are yet to meet their spouse. The wait and the calamity after a breakup can be painful and lonesome. While healing and waiting for things to turn around, we should lean on the Lord - Our Husbandman. He provides for us similarly as an earthly husband is supposed to. He is



Thank you, my Maker. Thank you for all you have done. There is no greater matchmaker than you. I pray Abba you prepare me for marriage and prepare my future spouse as well.

Guide the right spouse to me at the appointed time.

  1. Craig Hill. Exercising Covenant Authority In Times Of Trouble. Lesson series: Lesson 3 - Part B. Covenant vs. Contract. Page 12-15.

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