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35 Then Jesus declared, “I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never go hungry, and whoever believes in me will never be thirsty.

John 6: 35 (NIV)

A loaf of bread



How many times in life did we worry we would not be provided for? So many people even nowadays struggle with poverty and famine. They do not have the revelation of God about who He is for them. Yeshua is our bread of life. There is no life outside of Him. Yet when we are in Him, we will never lack anything. We will never go hungry again. 


Hunger, famine, poverty. For generations upon generations that is what so many families around the world struggled with daily. For years we as humans have been tackling this problem globally. And though it has improved over time still so many families go without. 

Why? Because many times the problem is not merely physical but also spiritual. So many people strive daily to provide for themselves. They are their own providers. Humans are limited though, we can only do so much relying on our strength, wisdom, and knowledge. Eventually, we come to a dead end. In that moment we ponder about this cycle we seem to never be able to break free from. Even if we receive more money, it seems as though it is still not enough. We still keep on hungering and hungering. 

But what are we hungering for? It is not material things, rather we are starving for spiritual food. We are starving for our creator. Separated from Him, we are hungry and thirsty for His light. Yeshua is the Bread of life. In their book The Wilderness - where miracles are born, Brian and Candice Simmons have the following to say about Yeshua:

He is our fresh manna, our fresh revelation. The fresh revelation of how good our Father is, and who we are in Him. (2)

If we are devoid of Him, we do not receive the sustenance necessary to feed our spirits and souls. When separated from Him, we are devoid of life itself. Destined for failure, lack, and poverty. Spiritual poverty to be exact, spiritual poverty that leads to the manifestation of physical poverty too. For as a man thinketh so is he (Proverbs 23: 7). If we think poorly of our Father in Heaven or ourselves, then that is what we will reap. 

When trying to break free from poverty one must always go first for the spiritual poverty. Reconnect with God, He is the source of all our provision. Let His image in your heart as THE PROVIDER be restored. Let Him also restore your image, and renew your mind. For you can do all the right things in the physical realm and still see no result if disconnected from God and THE TRUTH. One needs to address the spiritual bondage they are potentially under, let God break it and soon they will see provision in their life. And never again will they lack. 


To summarize, Yeshua is the Bread of life. If disconnected from Him, we are devoid of His unlimited provision relying only on what we can provide for ourselves. But humans are limited. We can only do so much in our own strength. Spiritual poverty may need to be addressed when one wishes to be released from physical poverty. When one connects back to the Lord, He is once more connected to that life and unlimited provision of God. And they will never lack anything.

Yeshua is



You are my provider Lord. You are my bread. Without You, I hunger, but when connected to You I never lack anything. My soul finds peace and joy unbreakable. 

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  2. Brian and Candice Simmons (2016). Racine, Wisconsin: The Wilderness; where miracles are born.

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