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Updated: Mar 22

“God is my provider”, we all say. But do we actually believe?

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Though your mind may know God is your provider, in seasons of despair you can still be tempted to believe you are at the mercy of your oppressors. But even if you found yourself in prison, God would still find a way to provide for you.


“God is my provider” is a key revelation that every believer needs to attain to become equipped to produce lasting results for the Kingdom of God. It seems simple at first glance, yet many still manage to fail despite it being broadcast almost everywhere. And it can be especially hard to grasp for individuals who were raised by non-Christians.

Per the words of the world, in this jungle called life, only the fittest manage to survive. This mentality has given birth to competition, and at times brutality. People have been willing to sacrifice others just to get to the next level. In general, people have become more hostile lately. Truly this is a fallen world. And it is not unlikely that one may find themselves surrounded by "enemies". Surrounded by people they do not get along with or have proven to be extremely hostile towards them. Whether at work or even at home.

And if truly without a friend to back them up, they may find themselves receiving only breadcrumbs. Only the bare minimum in regards to opportunities, support, kindness, love, and so forth. Treated as though they are like dogs waiting under the table for the breadcrumbs.

Well, let me tell you. You are not a dog. You are a child of the Most High. And you are seated at the King’s table. Even if any human table would not accept us, remember that we are already sitting at a better table - the King’s table. And only the best of the best delicacies are presented before us. Do you not see? We are provided for. And God has so much more than mere breadcrumbs for you and me. Breadcrumbs are not our portion. Our portion is the inheritance of Yeshua Himself. And He deserved only the best. 

So take a sit at the King’s table and



Thank You, Abba for the feast before me! Thank you for inviting me to sit at Your table! Thank you for always providing for me!

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