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Updated: Mar 22

When I do the natural, God does the supernatural!

Olive oil in a glass cup


Lemons sometimes we are given, and if we learn to make lemonade, truly God will bless what little we have. He did so with Elisha and the widow's oil and Yeshua and the 5000 men. He took what little they had and multiplied it greatly. 


Life. A journey, an adventure full of surprises they say.

And not far from the truth they stray.

Many peaks and valleys we traverse through,

and some can bring some financial crisis too. 

Some of you may have already had to face such an experience. It was no different with some of our heroes of old. In the Bible, we are met with many mentions of extreme cases of lack. Perhaps some of the most notable are the story of Elisha and the widow with the jar of oil and the feeding of the 5000 by Yeshua.

Threatened to not only lose her home but also her sons to slavery, the widow ran to the only man back then who could potentially aid her. She ran to the great man of God - prophet Elisha. Panicked, she explained her predicament and admitted she had only but one jar of oil. Elisha instructed her to acquire empty jars and fill them up with the oil. Following his instructions she filled all the jars. The oil did not run out until she was left without empty jars. 

Yeshua and the disciples found themselves in a similar pinch. Many had gathered around them, and certainly famished they must have been. And yet they only had five loaves of bread and two fish. Then Yeshua took them, broke them, and multiplied them. All were fed and some were even left over. 

In both cases, the parties were all focused on what they lacked. Yet Yeshua and Elisha respectfully shifted their focus on what they had. You see, the widow was not without everything, she had a small jar of oil. And the disciples did have some fish and bread with them. In both cases, God took what they had and multiplied it. When we do what we can in the natural, God meets us and does the supernatural. 

The widow went and collected empty jars, and the disciples went and gathered all the loaves of bread and fish they could find. They did what they could in the natural, and God met them and supernaturally provided for them by multiplying what they brought to the "table". 


As they say, when we are given lemons in life, we must learn to make lemonade. The Bible teaches us something similar. When we are in need, God takes what little we have and multiplies it to meet our needs. So I ask you to shift your focus from what you lack, to what you have. Present it to God, step out in faith, and become faithful in stewarding it. When you do



Dear Heavenly Father, show me what I have that you can increase and multiply to meet my needs and the needs of others through me. What talents or gifts do I have and how could they be used to provide for me and eventually promote your Kingdom even further?


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