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Updated: Mar 24

So God created mankind in his own image,

in the image of God he created them;

male and female he created them.

Genesis 1: 27 (NIV)


Holy Bible on a podium stand


For every believer, it is vital to know their identity in Christ. Knowing our image is important in this war for the mind. Ignorance can cost us much. After all the Word does say, "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge” (Hosea 4:6). The key to knowing ourselves is knowing Yahweh for in His image we were created (Genesis 1: 27). In effect having a wrong self-image distorts His image as well and blocks us from receiving blessings in those specific areas. And it can keep us going round and round the same mountain. These lies are called heart viruses and they can only be removed by Yahweh's truth. So knowing Him is vital, it is important.


Knowing our identity in Christ is vital. It is our biggest weapon against the attacks of the enemy. For every believer, the most important relationship is that with Yahweh. I am going to be bold and say, that it is important for every person that walks on this Earth. It is Yahweh that provides, protects, and helps us daily. He who knows all is all-powerful and nothing can truly harm Him. He is the epitome of love, joy, peace, wisdom, and life. He is not just the epitome, He is the progenitor. From Him flows all life.

But what if our mind believes Him to be all of that, yet our heart doubts? Knowing our identity in Christ is vital. It is our biggest weapon against the attacks of the enemy. And to know ourselves well, we need to know our Creator too. The first-minute doubts enter into our hearts, we have become ensnared by bondage. The image of Yahweh and ourselves becomes distorted. Like heart viruses, these lies, root themselves into our hearts and prevent us from really believing in our Lord. And what happens if we do not trust Him? Would one like that turn towards Him when in need?

A distorted image of Yahweh can be a serious problem spiritually and physically. It prevents us from really prospering. From really receiving His best for our life. Do not mistake this for a life without difficulties or storms. What I am talking about is a life where you go through the valley of the shadow of death on the wings of Messiah. A victorious life even in seasons of storms.

What happens many times, is that disappointment, or humiliating and shaming events in our lives, not only make us question Yahweh, but they make us downright reject the notion that He will provide, protect, and love us. And it all comes from traumatizing events where people around us managed to disappoint and deeply wound us.

It makes us believe we are unloved, rejected, unworthy and that He will not provide. And from there the distortion of our image occurs. For in His image, we were created. So if men around me have rejected me, then surely Yahweh rejects me too. If I am unloved by men, then I am unloved by Him. But my friend that is a lie. A lie straight from hell. Yahweh loves us always regardless of our deeds or works. And He will always meet our needs, provide for us, and protect us.

There is only one way a lie like that can be removed. By the truth of Yahweh. Only His truth spoken by Yahweh Himself can remove the lie and replace it. So turn to Him and ask, “Who am I?” Let Him minister and tell. Let yourself be set free.


To summarize, knowing ourselves and Yahweh is vital for every born-again believer. The Image of Yahweh we are gazing upon mustn't be distorted by heart viruses deeply rooted in our hearts. But even if we realize one such lie is there, let us go to Yahweh to remove it and replace it with His truth.



Turn to Father and ask, "Who am I"? Write down what comes to mind, and what you hear.

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